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Atelier Versace Fall 2013


I haven’t even had a 24 hour break from menswear, and here comes the Couture Fashion Week in Paris. Ever since they announced they’ll be back on the runway with their couture line a year and a half ago, Atelier Versace has had the honor of opening the most prestigious of fashion weeks.

It never hurts when a fashion house hires a legendary model to walk their runway, and this time around Versace got the holy grail equivalent – Naomi Campbell. With her gazelle-like walk and a sizzling look in her eyes, Naomi was the perfect choice to represent the two defining characteristics of Versace in general and this collection – strength and sex appeal.


Luxurious is a term that only begins to describe the quality of the fabrics and craftsmanship seen yesterday. Knitted mink that resembled velvet and exotic alligator skins in autumnal colors (burgundy, midnight blue, forrest green) did the trick. These don’t usually evoke sex appeal, but leave it to Donatella to make everything she designs seem smouldering.

If there’s one designer that always gets inspired by the woman’s body and makes it her mission to show it off in the best possible light, it’s Donatella Versace. This time around, she used intricate clips and studs that followed the contours of the body for a super-flattering and sexy effect.


Donatella also played a game of  peekaboo. Evening dresses seemed to flap open just to reveal the sexiest lingerie. There was also the effect of bare skin most interestingly interpreted in turtleneck dresses with a nude panel on the entire side of the dress. What a great way to show your feline side without showing anything at all.

For the more demure of Atelier Versace customers, Donatella made a few incredible coat dresses in lush fabrics and colors. Also, she’s known as a woman that loves a good pantsuit, so there were a few of those aswell, lending a rock and roll vibe to the entire collection.


The last 10 looks screamed red carpet glamour and varied from classic Atelier Versace evening dresses to more daring looks, such as a crystal adorned turquoise unitard with contrasting panels worn with great conviction by Lindsey Wixson. The common thread was the sparkle and the sheen that made the pieces fit for a modern Cleopatra.

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